Why did we create Exponam™?

Data is a powerful and wonderful thing.

We are capturing, storing, and utilizing it in ways which will transform our world.

But sharing, exploring, exchanging, migrating, and interchanging data is time consuming and burdensome. Data security concerns keeps us from sending data outside our organizations. Ensuring that the data received is what was sent (data integrity/lineage/provenance) is a significant worry.  The time it takes to migrate data among systems and platforms limits analysis, creates risk, and prevents us from reaching our potential.

We’ve spent decades in technology, grappling with these issues. We’ve sent packages of compressed files. We’ve encrypted the data, but worried about what happens once the data is decrypted. We’ve spent countless hours stitching together csv’s, loading into databases, writing SQL.

We had no choice… Until now.

We’ve created Exponam to address all these problems of sharing and exploring data.

So what is Exponam’s Solution?

Exponam .BIG™ files are the heart of the Exponam solution.  .BIG files are ultra efficient, highly compressed, fully secure files, immutable and certifiable files for storing, downloading, sharing, distributing, exploring, interchanging, and migrating data.  .BIG files are tamper-proof and properties like the creator, create date, and data story are permanently embedded in the file.

The Exponam Builder™ suite creates .BIG™ Files from datasets within your organization. Contact us to learn more about solutions for creating .BIG files in your organization.  Download trial versions here.

The Exponam Explorer™ is a revolutionary spreadsheet viewer which instantly opens massive data sets. Sort and filter millions of rows of data. Expose data you never could have found before.  Export rows to Excel with a single click.

Exponam Query™ is a JDBC query service which enables you to run SQL queries against a compressed .BIG file as if it were a database.

Exponam Reader and Writer APIs enable integrated solutions for migrating and interchanging data orders of magnitude faster than with delimited (.*SV), Parquet, JSON, XML or other files.

The Exponam Explorer, Exponam Query, and Reader API are free to use.  Download the Exponam Explorer from the Microsoft Windows Store. Download Exponam Query and API  from here.

There are dozens of Business Intelligence tools. Why Exponam?

Exponam is not a business intelligence visualization tool. We do not create dashboards, widgets or summarize data. The Exponam solution makes data better — more efficient and easier.  We work with your BI solution by providing you access to the data underlying these visualizations. Need to review data underlying a summary? Download the dataset – even if it is 100s of millions of records. Sort and filter. Explain.