Cloud data is not just for technologists.
Big data is for Everyone.
If you can filter data in Excel, you can work with big data.


  • Work with hundreds of millions of data rows directly in Excel Excel logo
  • Connect seamlessly to your company’s cloud data
  • Instant and easy setup – no IT support required
  • As easy as filtering a column in Excel
  • In limited release for Delta Sharing Delta Sharing logo

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  • Share big data files with colleagues
  • Distribute big data via email
  • Easily work with hundreds of millions of data rows directly in Excel
  • Securely save and store unalterable files
  • Faster to send data. Faster to query data.
  • Integrate directly into existing data processes with a full suite of integration tools and applications


Cloud Data in Excel

Exponam.Connect brings Delta data directly to Excel

Big Data is for Everyone. With the Exponam.Connect Excel Add-in, business users and analysts can work with Delta data directly in Excel.

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Sharing and Exploring Data

Do you have trouble accessing data on the go?

Visualization tools and summary reports are great. But, as the saying goes, “the devil is in the …” Sometimes, you need the data for detailed analysis when you’re not connected and to share specifics when you’re back online.

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Moving Data

​Unparalleled Data Efficiency.

Exponam enables data interchange with speed unlike anything that has ever existed.  Secure data extraction, migration and ingestion with assured file integrity and traceable lineage.

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Data Security

Your Data is Not Secure.

You protect your data repository. You protect your network.  Yet, thousands of data files are extracted and downloaded from your repository. These CSV and XLS files reside on your network drives, on employee machines, in the public cloud, and in employees email. These data files are the most vulnerable point of attack for malicious actors.

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.BIG Integration for Enterprise Software

Your users routinely download data. They generate CSVs which sit unprotected, take up vast space, and are impractical for exploration (over 1mm rows).


Augmenting an Enterprise Solution with .BIG file generation vastly enhances a customer user’s ability to extract detailed data from the system. Users can download millions, 10s of millions, or 100s of millions of rows of data. The data is highly compressed (3-4x better than zipped CSVs), easily accessed, and fully secure.

.BIG files are much more than a replacement for CSV. .BIG integration extends your solution with secure data files that can be administered through your platform.

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Industry Stories

Financial Services

High volume trading organization with on premises databases.

The firm uses a combination of custom reporting and Business Intelligence tools for a summary view of their trading activity. However, sometimes, their regulatory compliance and fraud teams need access to underlying data to dig into activity flagged by their systems.

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​Political Marketing

Data Distribution Company

A political marketing firm regularly distributes voting and polling lists to its clients. These lists can be several million records in size. The firm’s clients don’t have an easy way to review, sort and break-down the data.

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Technology Startup

​Cloud-based Data Integration and Cleansing Firm

This technology startup compiles data from numerous sources, standardizes, and cleanses it for analysis. The primary analysis artifacts are a series of report which summarize and aggregate the data. One of the primary functions available to users is to download an extract of the underlying data sets.

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To set forth, explain, expose.

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