Exponam x Databricks

Databricks in Excel

Exponam.Connect delivers Databricks Data & Machine Learning Models for all users
Easy ~ Secure ~ Fast ~ Efficient


Databricks Lakehouse Data directly in Excel
DiscoverSelect Tables
Import 10,000,000 rows
Apply Filters
Live data and PivotTablesImport

  • Work with billions of rows of Databricks data
  • Business users work in Excel. No new applications to install or learn
  • No Code. No complicated set-up. No ODBC connections or configurations
  • Just select a table and start working

  • Create filters to easily pull down the current day’s (or week’s or month’s) data
  • Save filters and re-use them whenever needed
  • Live updates to data on a schedule or on demand
  • PivotTable creation
  • All the Excel functions users love –> v-lookups, pivot tables, charts
  • Unlock the power of internal and marketplace cloud data

  • Cost Effective: No DBUs. Data egress minimized and no server processing. Cheaper than ODBC or other connections which involve cloud compute fees
  • Fast: Intelligent data downloading and synchronous processing
  • Guarded: Users are protected against inadvertent large downloads or unanticipated fees. Maximum Excel import is 10 million rows spread over 10 sheets
  • Governance & Permissioning: Unity Catalog manages/audits all user access. No Databricks accounts or workspaces required
  • Secure: Secure data transfer direct from cloud repository to requesting system
Intuitive and Efficient

Select Tables

Security and governance

Apply Filters

Fully customizable



Databricks Machine Learning Models Served directly in Excel
User Guided Formula BuilderSelect Tables
Model Execution via Excel Formulas
Apply Filters
Model ExecutionSelect Tables
  • Databricks Machine Learning Model Execution directly in Excel
  • No code. No Databricks knowledge required
  • Simple UI guides users to enter parameters and builds the Excel function
  • Empower entire business teams to execute Machine Learning Models against data in Excel, just like with any Excel function

Technical Details:
  • Excel integration with Databricks Machine Learning Serving Endpoints
  • Access to endpoints controlled via Databricks bearer tokens and secure endpoints
  • Each Serving Endpoint can consist of multiple MLflow models from the Databricks Model Registry
  • Configurable traffic settings define how requests are routed and scale of resources to be applied


The Exponam.Connect Excel Add-in is a “freemium” product consisting of both Exponam.Data and Exponam.AI. It is free to install and use in unlicensed mode. Unrestricted use and access to premium features requires a license.

For an Individual license, purchase here.

For Enterprise licenses and pricing, contact us now.

For unrestricted Trial and Testing, complete this form and email to info@exponam.com.

Comparison of Unlicensed vs. Licensed Use

Unlicensed Individual License Enterprise License
Cost Free $50 USD/month Discounted based on user count & usage type
View Delta Share data
Filter rows and select columns to import
Import up to 100 rows of data to Excel
Write up to 100 rows of data to csv
Import 10,000,000 rows of data to Excel (Excel maximum) per extract (unlimited number of extracts per user)
Write unlimited size data files to csv
Write unlimited size data files to .BIG
Live Data Updates
PivotTable Creation
Web based FAQs
Email support
Complete support packages Available
Company provenance details and properties stamped on Excel sheet and export files
License for full .BIG builder product suite Available