How can I create my own .BIG file?
.BIG files are generated using the .BIG Builder application. The .BIG Builder application is available via an Enterprise license for your group / organization. Contact us for more information on the Builder. The Builder is suitable for large or small organizations who wish to secure data for sharing and exploring. It can be configured to work directly in your existing workflow or as a plug-in for your enterprise applications.
Can I use Exponam on my Mac?
Right now, Exponam is only available as a Windows application. We are planning a Mac version in late 2018.
Can I use Exponam on my tablet or phone?
In the future, as mobile hardware capabilities improve, we hope to offer Exponam mobile. For now, it is only available on a PC.
How secure are .BIG files?
.BIG files may be secured via the strongest encryption available on the market today. Additional file access rights may be assigned and dynamically administered by the organization creating the .BIG file. These additional access rights include user level rights at the column and function levels. These rights may be turned on or off for any file, even once it has been sent outside of the organization. Contact us for more information.