How can I create .BIG files?
There are numerous ways to create .BIG files, appropriate for everyone from developers to non-technical users.

Non-technical users can create files using the Exponam Builder, freely available from  Developers and more technical users may generate .BIG files via a host of native Java and C# utilities including APIs and command line interfaces.  Data for .BIG files can be extracted directly from databases or come from existing data files.  .BIG file generation can be integrated into common off-the-shelf platforms (accounting systems, CRM systems, BI platforms, etc.).  Creating .BIG files is as quick as creating any other type of data file (CSV, JSON, etc).  .BIG builder applications are available for free from our developer page, or from Maven Central or Nuget (for developer components).

An Exponam License is required to unleash unrestricted builder capabilities, including unlimited data size and data security features.

Contact us for more information on the Exponam Builder and licensing. 

How secure are .BIG files?
.BIG files are secured via AES256 encryption, AES256 is endorsed by the NSA in its Suite B cryptographic algorithms and is published as the FIPS 197 specification.  AES256 is the widely accepted standard for securing data and communications.

Passphrases are protected with SHA256 and a randomly generated salt.  SHA256 is a National Security Agency (NSA) Type 3 encryption product endorsed by NIST and published as the FIPS 180-2 specification. Files may also be protected with security tokens or multi-factor authentication.

Additional file access entitlements may be assigned and dynamically administered by the organization creating the .BIG file. These additional access rights include user specific rights at the column and function levels. These rights may be turned on or off for any file, even once it has been distributed outside of the organization. Contact us for more information.

Can I access .BIG data without using the Exponam Explorer?
.BIG files are not only a secure and convenient way to move data, they are also fully optimized for accessing. exploring, and exporting data.  You can use any of your existing data visualization, business intelligence, reporting, or query tools directly with data in .BIG files via a JDBC connection.

Querying data in a .BIG file via JDBC is as fast as querying data within an enterprise database.  Alternately, you can extract the data from a .BIG file via Java or C# Reader APIs.  Data extraction is orders of magnitude faster than with any other form of delimited file.

Can I use the Exponam Explorer on my Mac or tablet?
Currently, the Exponam Explorer is only available as a Windows application. Mac and iOS versions of our spreadsheet viewer are coming soon.  However, you can access data in a .BIG file on a Mac with common visualization, reporting, and query applications via JDBC.