Cloud Data in Excel

Exponam.Connect brings Delta data directly to Excel

Big Data is for Everyone. With the Exponam.Connect Excel Add-in, business users and analysts can work with Delta data directly in Excel.

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Sharing and Exploring Data

Do you have trouble accessing data on the go?

Visualization tools and summary reports are great. But, as the saying goes, “the devil is in the …” Sometimes, you need the data for detailed analysis when you’re not connected and to share specifics when you’re back online.

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Moving Data

​Unparalleled Data Efficiency.

Exponam enables data interchange with speed unlike anything that has ever existed.  Secure data extraction, migration and ingestion with assured file integrity and traceable lineage.

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Data Security

Your Data is Not Secure.

You protect your data repository. You protect your network.  Yet, thousands of data files are extracted and downloaded from your repository. These CSV and XLS files reside on your network drives, on employee machines, in the public cloud, and in employees email. These data files are the most vulnerable point of attack for malicious actors.

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