​Political Marketing

Data Distribution Company

The Problem: A political marketing firm regularly distributes voting and polling lists to its clients. These lists can be several million records in size. The firm’s clients don’t have an easy way to review, sort and break-down the data.

Before: When a client would purchase a list from the firm, the firm would need to break the list into manageable .csv chunks of 100,000 records each. Although the firm would try to break the files into logical parts; often, several files would be need to be stitched back together to form a single set.
The receiving firm would need to load these .csvs into a database of their own – MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. – in order to review the contents of the files.

With Exponam: With Exponam, the entire process is streamlined. The firm simply creates a single .big file containing all the records to be delivered to the client. This file can be thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions of records in length. The file is sufficiently compressed so that it may be emailed to the client as a simple attachment. The file is easily opened and manipulated by the client. The client no longer needs to load into a database or fumble with multiple files. Furthermore, the file can be secured so that only the specific client who acquired the data may open it.