Technology Startup

​Cloud-based Data Integration and Cleansing Firm

The Problem: This technology startup compiles data from numerous sources, standardizes, and cleanses it for analysis. The primary analysis artifacts are a series of report which summarize and aggregate the data. One of the primary functions available to users is to download an extract of the underlying data sets.

Before: When a user requests an export of the data, a .csv is generated and downloaded to the user’s machine. Extract capability was limited to a single data source at a time, in an attempt to keep the data sets under a hundred thousand records each. When data sets exceeded 500,000 records, only the first 500,000 records would be sent. This was for several reasons including: 1) to limit costs associated with extracting large data sets from the cloud provider; 2) to keep the download from being too large to be handled by the client.

With Exponam: Users are now able to request data exports of the entire data set (not just single source at a time). When a user requests a data export, the data is compressed in a .big file. The user selects a private encryption key. The data is downloaded to the user’s machine, in its entirety and fully encrypted – keeping their highly sensitive data secure. The user may then open the file with the Exponam Viewer. Using the filter and sort functions, the user identifies abnormal records and can purge these records from their analysis sets.