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Exponam makes data accessible to all.  Securely download data from anywhere.  Open in a spreadsheet.

  • From SaaS accounting? Yes.
  • From on-site CRM? Yes.
  • From cloud data lake?  Data warehouse? Reporting system? Custom applications? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Millions of rows?  Hundreds of millions of rows?  YES! YES!!!

Trying to download millions of rows with CSVs? Impossible to access, too large to share, and not secure.

Exponam is easy:

  • Easy to download and share millions of rows
  • Easy to open, find and sort data in a spreadsheet
  • Easy to move data to Excel


Slash data interchange times by up to 90%.

Radically improve query speed in demanding data processing environments.

Exponam .BIG files are the most efficient files for interchanging, storing and querying data:

  • Orders of magnitude faster than delimited files
  • 5x faster query speed into Spark Clusters than Parquet
  • 40%-300% smaller than other compression codecs
  • Fully secure at rest and in flight
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