The Myth of Analytics Self Service


BI solutions promise “User Self-Service.” But when users need to download more than a few thousand rows of data, “self-service” becomes “ask IT.”
Business users routinely need millions of rows to send to partners or customers; for further offline review; or to address a regulator’s concerns. These requests are difficult:
• The data is too large to easily download as a CSV
• There are corporate security concerns
• How does the user even open the file (too large for Excel or Sheets)?
• Once created, how can users be sure of the file’s provenance – when was it created? has it been modified?


By incorporating the ability to write Exponam .BIG files, BI vendors can easily provide true self-service for downloading large datasets. Users can download and open files with 100s of millions of rows in a spreadsheet. Filter and sort data instantly. Security concerns are addressed. File size is minimized. Files are immutable, provenance and lineage are tracked. Data subsets are moved to Excel with a click.
You do all the heavy lifting –making data accessible; providing visualizations; uncovering insights.
Let us help you go the final mile – true user self-service for secure, large data download, sharing and exploration.


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