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At Exponam, we know the value of data. We know that is why you keep it secured in databases, accessed only through authorized reports and Business Intelligence tools. We also know the wasted time and missed opportunities that result when your users, partners, and clients cannot access detailed data.

We created .BIG™ data files to enable easy sharing and exploring of data – big and small. But security was always our primary concern. Our files are architected to be the most impenetrable data vehicles on the market.

Passwords: .BIG files may be password-protected. The password is protected with SHA256 and a randomly generated salt for each file. SHA256 is a National Security Agency (NSA) Type 3 encryption product endorsed by NIST and published as the FIPS 180-2 specification. To thwart brute-force attacks, the Exponam ExplorerTM enforces a three password attempt limit, with exponential back-off between attempts. Not enough? We also support multi-factor authentication.

Data: Data in .BIG files is protected using AES-256. AES-256 is widely used for securing data and communications, is endorsed by the NSA in its Suite B cryptographic algorithms, and is published as the FIPS 197 specification.

File Provenance: Every .BIG file is preserved through a sequence of steps that leads to the generation of that file. Exponam stamps a publisher’s identity into every publisher’s encrypted license file. The publisher name is applied to each .BIG file generated, and is tamper-proof through the file generation process. When viewing a .BIG file, a user can be confident that the publisher is genuine, the file properties are accurate, and the data is unaltered.

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Introducing Exponam


Data is powerful. We capture, store, and utilize it in ways that are transforming our world. But sharing and exploring data is time consuming, unsecure, and burdensome.

Introducing Exponam.

The Exponam Explorer™ enables you to filter and sort 100s of millions of rows of data instantly – with the ease of a spreadsheet. An Exponam .BIG™ file is an ultra-compressed, highly-secure data file you can email with confidence.

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We designed Exponam to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Empower users with detailed data downloads
  • Share data securely with customers and partners
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