Data Access and Exploration

Is sharing and accessing data a challenge? 
Without detailed data, what is your analysis missing?

Visualization tools and summary reports are great.  But, as the saying goes, “the devil is in the …” Sometimes, you need the data for detailed analysis when you’re not connected and to share specifics when you’re back online.

With .BIGTM files, you can securely download millions or even 100s of millions of rows easily and quickly – from within your existing tools (ERP, CRM, BI/Visualization platform, Custom Databases).

Unlike other data files, .BIG files download quickly.  .BIG files are small – 24x smaller than CSVs (and 3x smaller than zipped CSV files).  .BIG files won’t clog your email – making them great for sending to partners.

The Exponam ExplorerTM application enables you to instantly view, filter, and sort .BIG files.  You can find data and transfer it seamlessly to MS Excel.

Or, keep using the same BI tools you do in the office – but disconnected, from the .BIG data file on your laptop.

And best of all, .BIG files are ultra secure – so your data is safe – even outside your office.  Send it to colleagues, partners, or vendors – it’s secured with industry leading encryption and access controls.

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​Data Security

Your Data is Not Secure.

Securing Data Repositories Without Securing Data Files Puts You At Risk.

You protect your data repository.  You protect your network.  You provide users with visualizations, summaries, and exception analysis.  Yet, thousands of data files are extracted and downloaded from your repository.  These CSV and XLS files reside on your network drives, on employee machines, in the public cloud, and in employees’ email.  These data files are the most vulnerable point of attack for malicious actors.

If you are not securing data files, you are not protecting your data.


Current State of Data Security:

Data security in 2019 is a series of concentric security perimeters which attempt to ensure that access to data is authorized. We secure network and application endpoints. We secure, manage, monitor, and audit access to databases. We attempt to scan and block content from leaving our perimeter.

But data gets out. It gets out intentionally when we distribute to partners, vendors, clients. It gets out for legitimate reasons when managers and analysts drill into the data. It gets out when we are hacked or compromised.

We have thousands of data files that are extracts from our databases. They exist as CSV files, as XLS files, and other delimited file types. They reside on our network drives, on employee machines, in the public cloud, and in employees’ email. These files are all potential security concerns.

We address this massive security concern through training employees on corporate data policies. We instruct how data should be handled, where should it be sent and with whom should it be trusted.


The Exponam .BIG Solution:

Exponam .BIG files are an easy to use alternative to downloaded CSV files. .BIG files are fully encrypted, ensuring that data files are completely secure anywhere they reside, at rest, in use, and in transit. Access is controlled via passphrase, token, or multifactor authentication.  Dynamic entitlement is available for further control of sensitive GDPR or HIPAA governed data.

Your data is secure anywhere it resides – at rest, in use, and in transit.

.BIG files are highly compressed, enabling easy download, distribution, and sharing – no matter how many rows of data (thousands, millions, 100s of millions of rows).

.BIG files are easily accessed via a spreadsheet viewer for instant filtering, sorting, and finding data. Isolated subsets are moved to Excel with a single click. .BIG data is also accessed via JDBC, Java and Windows libraries.

.BIG files are completely tamper-proof and their provenance is guaranteed.  You can be confident that the publisher is genuine, the file properties are accurate, and the data is unaltered.


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Data Efficiency

Is transferring large volumes of data creating operational risk?
 Cut the time. Cut the risk.

Is your transfer of large data sets slow?  Is your window for processing and analysis too short to
re-run if processes fail?  What is your operational, technical, regulatory, and reputational risk if processes fail?

.BIG files, optimized for securely sending and ingesting, can slash data processing times by orders of magnitude*.  And .BIG file compression is 40-300% better than alternative compressions depending on content type and codec selection.


*Testing creation and extraction times for 200+mm rows of data, 90+gb data.  Generation of SQL Extract file vs. .BIG file from MySQL database operating on Windows and Unix platforms.  CSV extraction tests attempted but fail due to size of data.  Testing executed on consumer-class like-configured hardware.

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