The Myth of Analytics Self Service


Our users do their analysis within our platform 


Users download data – To send to external parties; for further analysis; to upload elsewhere. AND YOU provide the ability to download CSVs. But when faced with downloading more than a few thousand rows of data, you offer no solution. “User self-service” becomes “ask IT.” 


We understand: Downloading millions of rows is hard

  • Too large for a CSV
  • Can’t open the file in Excel or Sheets
  • Corporate security concerns

The answer is EXPONAM

With Exponam .BIG files, your users can easily download dataset with 100s of millions of rows.

  • Download .BIG files as easily as downloading CSVs
  • Access millions of rows instantly in a spreadsheet
  • Easily filter and sort data
  • One click push to Excel
  • Fully secure data
  • Ultra-compressed
  • Files are immutable, provenance and lineage are tracked
  • Files are stamped with originating system details – extending your reach to all who interact with the files

You do the heavy lifting –making data accessible; providing visualizations; uncovering insights.   Let us help you provide true user self-service for secure, large data download, sharing and exploration.

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