How Valuable Is Your Voter Data?

You share filesvoter files, donor lists, supporter data.
It’s how you win elections.

Who do you fear accessing your data?

~ Foreign Agents ~ Domestic Meddlers ~ Other Candidates ~

What happens when your files are stolen or altered?

~ Lost elections ~ Regulatory entanglement ~ Lost donor revenue ~


How secure is your data?  Even if you send data through an encrypted channel, once received it is vulnerable.  “Secure” zip files do not protect you.   CSVs and Excel files sitting on a laptop are not secure.  Unsecured data at rest is a huge concern.

We created .BIGTM data files to enable easy sharing and exploring of data (a few rows or hundreds of millions of rows).  But security was always our primary concern.  Our files are architected to be the most impenetrable data vehicles on the market.

Read about how .BIG files secure data.

And then download the Exponam Explorer to see how easily you can explore large sets of data.